Friends of Quarry Park

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location On-line via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 14th January 2021 Margaret Sheppard Erika Hodgson Quarry Park Friends
Caroline Brewer Erica Oulton Ward Councillors
Mark Brewer Robin Oulton
Alan Hodgson Tony Wallace
Sr. No Title Action
1 Apologies for Absence
None Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 16th January 2020
Were agreed. Note
3 Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers
(a) Chair
MS had previously advised that she did not wish to continue as Chair after eleven years in the role although she planned to continue active involvement with the Friends.

Erica Oulton was willing to take on the role of Chair. She was proposed by TW and seconded by MS. This was agreed by all. MS proposed to introduce EO personally to the councillor officers with whom she had contact and to the Sutton Local Committee, attended also by other Friends groups, when possible after the lifting of the current Coronavirus restrictions. They would meet Sarah Fowler, the Friends
contact officer for matters concerning Quarry Park and action from the parks contractor IDVerde.

It was agreed that both MS and MB would be deputies for attendance at the Sutton Local Committee. As Secretary, TW to email Paul Brockwell, our contact officer for Sutton Local Committee with details of our new Chair and deputies and minutes of this meeting.

Thanks were expressed to MS for all her work and leadership since the formation of the Friends’ group. The Friends were also pleased that her active involvement would continue.

(b) Secretary
Although happy for someone else to take over TW was willing to continue and was proposed by MS, seconded by CB, agreed by all.
(c) Treasurer
Robin Oulton was proposed by MS, seconded by MB and agreed by all.

TW advised that the change in signatories to the HSBC bank account had taken place and they now were RO, MB, MS and TW. After using the forms advised by our HSBC contact the first two applications were rejected. TW was then advised that a new mandate was required because the existing was more than six years old. So a new mandate application was made with the new signatories, finally successful.

TW would notify the change in treasurer to HSBC and apply for RO to have on-line access to the account. This was read only with payments out only by cheque with two signatures.

(d) Funds held
The bank balance was £389.70.

Since the AGM in 2019 expenditure on new plants at £494 had been more than the £362 grant from the Council. This was offset by donations of £130 at the 2019 tea party for which a note described they would be for new planting and improvements to the park. The 2020 public liability insurance premium, for continuing work in the park, was covered by a grant of £99 from the Council. The 2019 insurance and cost for the 2019 tea party were also covered by a Council grant.

4 Planning Next Tea Party
It was agreed that the next Tea Party Event could not take place whilst Covid restrictions included such things as (un)social distancing. The timescale for the relaxation of restrictions was currently very uncertain. Although keen to hold our usual tea party again, it was considered that setting a date and then having to postpone or cancel would be very discouraging. Therefore it was decided to defer setting a date pro tem and that the next Friends meeting would be in March when timing might be more possible, date set 25th March, 7pm.

It was observed that the park was well used during lockdown and people were reading the noticeboard. A new notice describing the intentions for 2021 should be put in the park and on the website.

All, TW
5 Work in the Park
The spray treatment by the Council’s contractor on the Japanese Knotweed near the railings on Cheam Road appeared to have been effective. Only 2 other plants nearby had been killed and especially the new clematis there had grown well on the railings with a good display. The Knotweed on Quarry Park Road needed further treatment, which appears to be working although more might be needed.

In the autumn MB had collected bulbs from the depot and these were planted by MB, EO and TW.

AD has been working in the park including sweeping leaves. MB had collected more disposal bags and AD has a supply now. MB also collected a large bag which will be useful for some jobs with larger pieces.

With advice from a Council officer, Dave Warburton, MB had cut back the wild flowers, and the result looked very good. MB thought that some extra seeding would be good. TW said he had available one spare packet from the original seeding. The waste bin lids had been supplied and then fitted by Sarah Fowler, MS and MB.

TW had been emailed by a park visitor (contact detail on the noticeboard) concerning damage to the lower branches of the fir tree. TW sawed off the damaged branches to avoid sharp ends and cut the branches to fit the collection truck. These were collected by IDVerde although first children had made a wigwam. Sarah Fowler said that in other parks some people had been cutting greenery for Christmas.

MS had emailed Sarah Fowler about the poor standard of cutting back branches protruding through the railings. A second visit improved it but some pruning inside the park is needed for this. TW had cut back the sharp ends, especially at child height.

Future jobs will include a spring prune of the roses to cut back some longer branches and dead heading the daffodils after flowering.

MS said that a nearby resident had been regularly clearing the litter along the Cheam Road railings; Dennis had said thank you.

It was observed that the red colour of the cotoneaster had given a good display recently (some planted 5 years ago, some later). TW suggested some further planting, including by the railings around the Quarry Park Rd corner, possibly another forsythia and clematis. EO suggested an evergreen winter flowering clematis. If the spring is not too dry and bedding plants more available this year TW may add some to the north side central flower bed where geraniums survived last winter.

6 Sutton Local Committee
MB had attended an on-line meeting on 12th November. Much of the reporting was concerning measures associated with Covid-19. Note
7 Police Matters
MS advised that there had been no recent meetings. She will contact the Chair Jonathan Pritchard. EO may wish to consider attending or MS or MB. EO
8 Other Matters
(a) MB advised that he had received an email from GoParks London about a new campaign. He will circulate for consideration. Quarry Park can be seen on their parks map. MB, All
(b) MS reported that she and Dennis had found a young lady prone on the ground and very wet and blue in the cold before Christmas. She had been drinking. MS managed to revive her to be subsequently collected by a police car that had been called. The meeting thought this probably saved the lady’s life. Note
9 Next meeting
7:00pm, Thursday 25th March 2021, probably via Zoom but venue/method to be decided nearer the time. All

Friends of Quarry Park

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location Online via zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 16th July 2020 Margaret Sheppard Erika Hodgson Quarry Park Friends
Caroline Brewer Erica Oulton Ward Councillors
Mark Brewer Robin Oulton
Cllr Kevin Burke Tony Wallace
Alan Hodgson
1 Apologies for Absence Action
Cllr Lily Bande Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 16th January 2020
Were agreed. Note
3 Financial Position
TW reported that funds in the bank account stood at £440.01. There had been no transactions since the last meeting in January. Note
Zurich had kindly extended the public liability insurance by 3 months to the end of September in view of reduced activities because of Covid-19. Although the insurance was taken out as a requirement for our annual event Zurich have since said that it should be continuous to cover our ordinary gardening activities. The last premium was just under £100, for community groups and charities, a reduction from the previous of £168, also for community groups. To date the insurance has been included in the Neighbourhood Grant from the Council for event costs. We will seek this reimbursement again as it covers the Friends work in the park. Note


It was agreed that Robin Oulton would become one of the 4 signatories to the account in place of Maureen Davies. This was proposed by MS, seconded by MB and carried nem con. TW to call on Maureen to inform her. Note


TW explained that payments out from QPF account could only be made by cheque with two signatures. The other signatories are MS, MB and TW. In view of the few payments in the year this was manageable. Note
4 Planning Next Tea Party
When the Covid-19 restrictions were introduced earlier in the year the tea party due for 4th July 2020 was postponed. At that time, it was uncertain when restrictions would end, so it was not cancelled with September as a possibility. It was agreed that this was not now practical and the date for next tea party was set at Saturday 3rd July 2021. All
5 Work in the Park
MS noted that Allan Druce had carried out much weeding and pruning in the Park with several bags to be cleared and she would contact Sarah Fowler for that.  EH had weeded the flower bed behind the wildflower area and it was looking good. During the long dry spell this spring TW had watered using the hose point and with a can on other occasions on the new plants. Most have survived the dry weather, usually taking 2-3years to fully establish. Continuing jobs for Friends were  dead heading the roses with autumn pruning to come and more weeding with the recent rain.

AH proposed a gift of appreciation to AD for all the work he has done looking after the Park. This was seconded by RO and MS would speak to Allan on his choice.

6 GoParksLondon
MB been in contact with GoParksLondon indicating our wish to be included on their list of parks and website. He had provided the various information required on the Park and the Friends with some good photographs, all shown on

The GoParksLondon officer had asked about setting up an independent friends forum in Sutton. She had found it useful in Merton for the greater lobbying power. However MS, MB, TW and others felt that we had a good relationship with the Council, with helpful officers and representation on the Local Committee and support from ward councillors when needed. This worked well. TW noted that Merton had a different structure with Council area fora not local committees. It was proposed by MB, seconded by TW and agreed that we did not wish to join an independent forum for Sutton.

Thanks were expressed to MB for all his work on GoParksLondon.



7 Sutton Local Committee
Because of Covid-19 the June and September meetings have been cancelled.

Post meeting note: – At the February meeting there was a presentation on the Green Flag and London in Bloom award for Manor Park.

8 Police Matters
MS advised that there had been no recent meetings. TW noted that the Police are now using the NextDoor website to give information, amongst all the other messages there. MB noted that from reading the NextDoor messages there had been a number of car thefts recently across the borough.

MS had received an email from the Chair of the Sutton West Police panel enquiring if we considered that social tensions in the area had increased recently following the BLM protests. After consulting MB, RO and TW the answer was no.

9 Other matters
(a) MS advised that IDVerde had emptied the litter bins regularly and had asked Sarah Fowler to thank them, which TW also did when he met their supervisor who was picking litter. All
(b) Policy on car idling was raised at the January meeting and the reply to Cllr Burke circulated on 21st Feb. Unnecessary engine idling was an offence, penalty £20 if a driver refuses to turn off when requested by an officer. Council policy is to discourage with anti-idling signs in hot spots and participation in a pan-London anti-idling project.
(c) MS had seen some dogs being brought into the Park. If it increases she will contact the Police. There had been no rough sleepers so far this year but this may have been be associated with Sutton Night Watch moving to Wallington. KB advised that many more homeless people had been found accommodation recently by the Council.
(d) RO enquired about the old house in Cheam Park. KB advised that from the Council’s website Cheam Park House was purchased by the Council in 1937 from the Bethell family who had lived there. After war-time bomb damage it was demolished. RO will look further into the Bethell family history.
(e) MS hoped to issue an invitation to drinks near Christmas, depending on how restrictions eased.
10 Japanese Knotweed (post meeting note)
Sarah Fowler, our Council contact officer, has advised that IDVerde had found Japanese Knotweed in the park. This should not be cut back as this causes spreading. All
IDVerde have given treatment, which they will repeat until it becomes dormant. Signs will be placed in the locations concerned. We are advised that the treatment is safe on touch.
11 Next meeting with AGM.
7:00pm, Thursday 14th January 2021, venue/method to be decided.
MS advised that she intended to step down as Chair after 11 years, although she wished to continue active involvement with the Friends.

Meetings : Summary of Meeting on 19th September 2019

Apologies for Absence

Erica Oulton, Alan Hodgson, Dennis Sheppard

Minutes of Meeting on 16th May 2019

Were agreed.

Review of Event on 6th July 2019

Considered to be very successful. Around 120 people estimated attendance with new faces and families from the west side of St Dunstan’s Hill. The atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming. Donations amounted to £129.80. The weather was dry but not too hot, ideal really. Thanks to all who helped and especially Claudia Rayner who ran the craft stall for children.

Planning Event for 2020.

TW said that the public liability insurance expiry date should be no longer an issue. Our current insurance with Zurich was a recently updated package for charities and community groups at a lower cost than before at £99.31 incl. tax. On the telephone Zurich said the insurance should be continuous to cover our gardening work, which should have a risk assessment. The cost of the insurance is covered by a grant from the Council along with other event costs.

The event date was agreed as 4th July 2020, before most people go on holiday.

RO suggested that a note describing the use of the donations (towards more plants and park improvements) would provide more clarity and may increase the total contributions. There is no entry fee and this is a condition for receiving grants.

MS said that it was all about community. The transport police had shown an interest and she would invite them.

People Camping in Quarry Park

People had been camping in Quarry Park, making it unpleasant for others on two particular occasions. In early August people had been camping in Quarry Park and leaving bottles, rubbish and excrement and toilet paper in the central grassed area. Following emails from our Chair, Margaret Sheppard, our Council Parks Officer contacted the Police and arranged clearance, carried out by the park’s contractor, IDVerde. There is a procedure whereby charities for homeless people are contacted before the Police move people on so there can be a time delay. We were grateful to our Parks Officer for her actions in dealing with the situation and to the IDVerde man who carried out some unpleasant clearing up. In early September more campers arrived, lighting charcoal burners under the trees at the Quarry Park Road end. Again this was reported and on the afternoon of 5th September 4 policemen attended and gave the latest campers 2 hours to move on, the Police said they would check later. In the morning they had gone but the waste bins were full, with other items to clear. At the request of our Chair to our Council parks officer contact there was prompt clearance of the rubbish and also some bags of green waste from recent gardening work by Allan Druce. We were grateful to the Safer Neighbourhood Team, our Council contact and IDVerde for their actions and our Chair conveyed that. It was seen that very few people visited Quarry Park during this period. We understand that this problem has been occurring in other parks.

MB noted that MS had taken the brunt of much work on these problems and where possible to share with him and TW.

Work in the Park

AD was thanked for his continued his regular work to keep the park in good condition. Further work sessions were agreed for Saturdays, from 10am on 19th October and 9th November. As usual if you can make a different time over the weekend/Monday please email TW.

The wildflower area had produced flowers from June onwards. Kew Gardens, who had supplied the seeds, had given options for maintenance. ‘Cut and drop’ would be adopted in the autumn as it was intended to be a wild area.

Quarry Park was included in the London in Bloom visit to the borough’s parks; MS and TW met the judges. They looked at the new wildflower area, and the displays of roses and other plants. They advised that the lily seeds were poisonous. They were complimentary about the Friends’ efforts.  In addition to awards for its major parks Sutton received a Silver Gilt in the City category. Community involvement is one of the factors which the judges consider to be important.

TW had produced a draft risk assessment for the Friends’ work in the park, which did not include using mechanical equipment. Comments were made – add eye protection where needed, cover manual handling and keeping a First Aid Kit. TW to update and issue.

MS noted that there was growth through the railings in several areas that needed trimming back. She would request Valeria Carli, our Council parks contact, to have this done.


Our application for a Public Realm grant for planting had been agreed and the money had been paid into the QPF bank account. It was planned to plant in the autumn, a suitable time for most plants, and when the soil was no longer dry.

It was agreed to continue with purchasing David Austin bare root roses, which had been a good quality. 3 orange (Lady Emma Hamilton), 3 yellow (Golden Celebration) bush roses were chosen plus 3 dark red (Munstead Wood). 

The other proposed plants were reviewed and agreed. AD suggested some climbing roses at the back of the space on the north side on the fence to 2 Quarry Rise garden. TW to order the plants.

The Council had asked if we would like some bulbs for planting this autumn and we had requested 100 daffodils and 100 crocus.

Sutton Local Committee

MS reported from the meeting on 12th September. There was a presentation by the Head of Waste and Street Cleansing. The Council’s contractor includes sweeping TfL roads, traffic islands and pavements. Recycling was 50%. Veolia performance data yet to be published. 

The Sutton Heritage Action Zone week was 16-22 Sept with a number of events and exhibitions. 

MS had submitted a written question concerning camping in parks. The question and reply are as follows: – 

What is the Council’s strategy for dealing with people sleeping in tents in the parks, drinking alcohol, lighting BBQs and toileting on grass and footpath areas?

Reply by Chris Lyons, Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Mark Dalzell, Neighbourhood Services

Sutton Council has a Public Space Protection Order in place (Previously known as ‘Designated Public Place’ or ‘Controlled Drinking Zone’). 

In total 65 areas of Sutton are covered by the order which are mainly parks, open spaces and district centres. There is a link on the Sutton Council website to the PSPO order in effect; the document also contains a borough map which highlights all areas covered by the order. 

Link Below:

Within these areas the consumption of alcohol is not prohibited however it gives the police officers discretionary powers to require a person to stop drinking and confiscate alcohol or containers of alcohol in public places. Failure to comply with the restrictions in place result in arrest and/or a fine of up to £500.

We have suffered instances where PSPO signs have been subject to vandalism or removal and a further 20 new signs have been ordered to be located around the borough. If councillors are aware of an area which may benefit from additional signage please let know the exact location and we can look to get some more up on display. 

In addition the Parks Team passes reports about rough sleepers to the Safer Parks Team for investigation and site visits.  When contact is made with those on site the Council passes details onto Spear, an outreach organisation that is commissioned by the Council to assess, support and guide rough sleepers into alternative accommodation and other support groups.  

The service appreciates that other parks visitors may find it distressing or annoying when the parks are used in this way.  However there are often complex reasons for people to be rough sleeping and as vulnerable residents a sympathetic and supportive response is thought to provide the best long term solution. 

Police Matters

MS advised that there had been no meetings. She had attended a meeting at Yourspace but the Police did not turn up.

Any Other Business

TW ran through proposed comments on the Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Strategy draft issued for consultation. Post meeting : – QPF response is attached.

TW to send the updated cash sheet to RO who is shadowing the Treasurer role.

Next meeting.

7:00pm, Thursday 16th January 2020

Meetings : Summary of Meeting on 16th May 2019

Minutes of Meeting By: – Tony Wallace
Location 171 Cheam Road
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 16th May 2019 Margaret Sheppard Erika Hodgson Quarry Park Friends
Caroline Brewer Erica Oulton Ward Councillors
Mark Brewer Robin Oulton
Allan Druce Tony Wallace
Alan Hodgson

Apologies for Absence

None received.

Minutes of Meeting on 17th January 2019

Were agreed.

Annual General Meeting

(a) Election of Chair. MS was thanked for all her work as Chair and was proposed for re-election by RO, seconded by AH and this was agreed unanimously.

(b) Election of Secretary/Treasurer. TW was thanked for his work and proposed for reelection by MS, seconded by MB and this also was agreed unanimously. TW proposed that it should be planned to separate the roles of Treasurer and Secretary for good practice and share workload. RO agreed to shadow the treasurer role for the coming year with a view to taking over in 2020. TW explained that payments could only be made by cheque signed by 2 of the 4 signatories to the HSBC Sutton account. If payment was to a signatory, then others would sign the cheque. He showed a print of the spreadsheet that contained the details of income and payments for the year and would email a copy to RO.

(c) Funds held. TW reported that the bank account stood at £355.30 (£371.54 in May 2018). Income in the year consisted of donations at the 2018 tea party plus a Neighbourhood Grant from the Council to offset the costs for the tea party. £84.27 had been spent on David Austin roses from QPF funds. TW advised that HSBC had sent a letter requiring ‘updating and confirming your organisation details’ on-line. He had completed this, which appeared to be much about countering money laundering. HSBC telephoned afterwards to discuss details of what we did and accepted the comment that there was no particular section for community accounts.

(d) Representatives on Sutton Local Committee and Friends groups. MS and MB agreed to continue as the named representative and substitute respectively. They were thanked for this.

Planning Event on 6th July 2019

Public Liability Insurance. TW had completed an enquiry on-line with Zurich, who had subsequently telephoned him to discuss what we did and were very helpful. They had a new version of their insurance for charities and community groups. The premium proposed was £99.31 incl. tax for £5mn public liability for one year, c.f. £168 previously. They were keen that it covered our general gardening activities (rather than just the event, which we could cover by insuring on alternate years) and subject to a risk assessment for our gardening. It was agreed that the Friends proceed on the continuous basis preferred by Zurich to cover the next gardening session. (Post meeting note – insurance in place from 6th June 2019 for one year). Leaflets advising the Tea Party. TW explained that he was having problems with his big printer and after consulting MS he had sought prices for printing the leaflet. SM1 print in Sutton offered £104 for 600 A5 200gsm. Instantprint (on-line) offered £41 plus delivery for 1000 at 250gsm so these were ordered, delivery £4.99. MS and MB had proof read and TW showed the flyers as supplied. Although the content was provided twice on A4 for A5 prints it had been printed twice on A5 so necessary to cut in half. However, the meeting agreed that the thicker paper A6 version was very suitable. There were plenty and TW to provide more to MS for Age Concern Sutton, YourSpace and St Alban’s Church and prepare them for delivery locally by the Friends.

TW had submitted QPF application to the Sutton Local Committee for a Neighbourhood Grant of £230 for the event costs, including the insurance. This had been approved very promptly. (Post meeting: the Event Notification Form with risk assessments has also been submitted and approved).

MS had invited the 8th Cheam Scouts but it was the day of their 70th anniversary and their own event. After discussion MS was requested to ask the Cheam Guides. Post meeting note: – Set up for the Tea Party on 6th July to begin at 12 noon, as usual.

Work in the Park

The wildflower area had been prepared although the work involved of breaking up the soil, grass and weed removal, and digging over was more than initially expected. The area had been marked out with bricks to the agreement of our Parks contact, Valeria Carli, so that the grass cutters could see where it is. The seeds were sown just before two days of rain.

Valeria advised that there was not funding for removal of the problem bushes on the north side but arranged for IDVerde to provide two large bags so we could do it. TW cut down the overgrown laurel, finding that there were 4 bushes there. This filled the two bags which were taken away and two more have now been provided to continue the work.

For the new plants Paul Brockwell had advised that we should seek a Public Realm grant. This was made ‘The Friends of Quarry Park request funding for further shrub planting in Quarry Park in the sum of £364, details as the attached spreadsheet. You have kindly advised that this should be requested from public realm funding for approval by the Sutton Local Committee. The roses would be planted on the Cheam Road side near to the existing in an area where the David Austin roses thrive well. We did add some roses last year from the donations made at our annual tea parties. Other shrubs would be on the Cheam Road side and on the opposite side where there will be a particular gap to fill but there are other places. There is a good variety of flowering shrubs in the park, covering different times of year and this is to add to those. Planting will be to suit the individual plants and according to weather, a wet spell is best. People enjoy the plants from the park but also from Cheam Road on foot and on a bus.’ Our Parks contact has approved our selection of plants adding Verbena for the north side area.

MS thanked AD and TW for their work in the park, TW mentioned the Hodgson contribution on the wildflower area.

Further work sessions were agreed for Saturdays, from 10am on 8th June, 29th June and 10th August. As usual if you can make a different time over the weekend/Monday please email TW.

Sutton Local Committee

MS reported from the meeting on 28th March.

Jackie Farrell had made a presentation on Essential Tremor raising awareness of the condition. MS noted that Jackie lived locally and made contact after attending last year’s tea party.

Under public questions it was asked about the time taken to rectify incorrect bridge signs and concerns were raised about the late and sparse notification of details of the proposed new school on the Rosehill all-weather pitch area by The Greenshaw Learning Trust prior to a planning application. In reply to a question on Sutton Nightwatch at the Secombe Theatre it was advised that it had not stopped but leases were issued for only 6 months at a time there.

There was a presentation on hate crime and champions were sought for different areas.

Police Matters

MS could not attend the last panel meeting and there had been no minutes. There was somewhat of a vacuum at present. She will report back if any minutes or feedback are received.

MS reported on an incident in the parent & child area of B&Q car park when a woman got into the car next to a child in a car seat, running off when challenged. B&Q were very helpful and informed the Police and were given a CAD number for the incident. The woman was on a mobile telephone all the time. Beware.

Any Other Business

EO asked about the state of slippery paths and broken branches in Perrett’s Field. MS agreed to raise this with our parks contact.

AD commented on the lack of sweeping in Love Lane.

We had been offered plants available at the end of the Chelsea Flower Show. This did involve collection from Barking. It was considered uncertain that an available plant would be of a size and type to suit Quarry Park or that we could look after it sufficiently when planted.

Next meeting.

7:00pm, Thursday 19th September 2019 at 171 Cheam Road.
MS was thanked for hosting the meeting.

Meetings : Summary of Meeting on 17 th January 2019

Apologies for Absence

Andy Cook, Allan Druce, Erika & Alan Hodgson.

Minutes of Meeting on 27 th September 2018

Were agreed.

Planning Event on 6 th July 2019

The following arrangements were proposed/ agreed: –
Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, some cakes – MS
Cups, saucers & crockery set, sandwiches – EO
Jellies – CB
Squash – EH
Tables – TW
Gazebos – Davies, Hodgson, Wallace
Banners on railings – MB
Leaflet printing – TW
Hopscotch – DS
Tables, tea urn, bring football goals, leaflet printing – TW
Insurance, event plan & permissions, grant application – TW
MS agreed to ask Vicki & Stuart to run a craft stall again and to invite the scouts,
the local police and the ward councillors.
MS to ask Lucy to put an item in Cheam Life Facebook and to arrange for a note at
St Alban’s Church advising our event nearer the time.

Work in the Park

The daffodils and crocus bulbs were planted by CB and MB in the autumn and some bulbs were now beginning to show. TW had planted the six new roses. AD had done further work.

TW advised that the bank balance stood at £355.30 so some money was available for planting. The income was nearly all from donations at the summer tea parties.

An offer of wildflower seeding kit with instructions from Grow Wild, an outreach initiative of Kew Gardens, had been received from the Council’s Local Committees team. It was agreed to apply for seeding on the embankments and MS agreed to make the application. MS said that this needed to be discussed with IDVerde so that they were aware and did not cut grass in the areas at the wrong times.

Work was needed by IDVerde where the brambles and other bushes had been cut back in the area that appeared to have been used for sleeping. It is proposed to remove the laurel at the front and the bush base behind so that more suitable plants lower in height can be put there. MS will ask for a meeting with IDVerde to discuss this, recommended plants to be put there, the wildflower seeding and cutting back the sharp plant leaves at low level by the path.

TW to make application for a grant to cover the cost of new plants after checking with Paul Brockwell at LBS for which grant we should seek. We had been informed of Pocket Park Plus funding from the Government although the amount per borough c.£2.5k was quite small. Although Quarry Park was within size range it seemed to be aimed at smaller pieces of land.

On 9th January IDVerde had replaced with new the slabs in front of the seat subject to graffiti.

Future work sessions were agreed for 10am on Saturdays 16th February and 30th March.


The website had a new more suitable web address

TW had visited Jason Webb at his office and subsequently agreed that JW will continue to make updates with details sent by TW. The website was now up-to-date.

Sutton Local Committee

MS had attended the meeting on 12th December 2018 and reported on: –

Carols were sung by the Sutton Youth Choir with a brass band after a presentation on Sutton Music Service.

Complaints were made about upswept streets

Concerns were raised over the Parking Consultation. [Near to Quarry Park there is proposed restriction 9am-10am Mon-Fri, with free any time parking bays marked out, in Carlisle Road and Salisbury Avenue (to deter excessive all-day commuter parking) plus some additional double yellow lines on corners.]

Age UK Sutton made a presentation and were keen to engage with local groups. MS had invited them to our summer tea party and they will come.

MS had made a presentation on our summer tea party last year

Police Matters

The Police had given warnings about scams by post.

They also warned about opening doors if any unusual, especially if late in the day.

Your Space Seears Park

The cabins containing the meeting area, café and toilets had been vandalised and burnt out on 11th January. An appeal for funds for restoration had been made on Cheam Life Facebook page with a good response. Some insurance money will be due.

Any Other Business

Jayson Webb had suggested lighting the fir tree at Christmas time although power supply might be an issue. Whilst it was agreed that this would be attractive there were problems with potential vandalism in an unoccupied area at night, the provision and safety of the electrical supply and the liability of the Friends. Our public liability insurance was centred on the summer tea parties and not continuous, on grounds of economy,so this idea could not be pursued.

Next meeting.

7:00pm, Thursday 19th September 2019. Note the earlier time.

Meetings : QPF minutes of meeting 17 May 2018

Meetings : Summary of Minutes of Meeting on 27th September 2018

Minutes of Meeting on 17th May 2018

Were agreed.

Review of Event on 30th June 2018

It was agreed that the day was most successful and enjoyed by those attending. Compliments and thanks had been received from those attending. The day was hot and sunny but the large fir tree provided some good shade. Attendance was estimated at just over 100. The face painting was very popular. The Police had not been able to attend and had sent apologies to MS. Thanks were expressed to the Oultons for the use of their china and the excellent sandwiches and to the Davies family for all their help and support.

Donations amounted to £152.98, the highest to date. The requested Neighbourhood Grant of £205 covered the park fee and most of the costs. Three waterproof banners for the railings on the final week before the tea party had been purchased at £30 each. One had been set against this year’s costs and the remaining £60 will be requested against next year’s event. The grant had been received after bill payment so a group needed around £250 in the bank to cover the interim for our level of costs.

Planning 2019 Event

It was agreed to plan for a similar tea party with games in 2019. The timings would be similar, i.e. a summer Saturday from 2 to 4pm. By choosing a slightly later date the required public liability insurance which is offered for one year (up to 5 events) can again cover two years with a slightly earlier date in year two. The provisional date chosen was Saturday 6th July 2019.

Travellers in Seears Park

Around 13 caravans and including 30 children arrived on the evening of Friday 14th September. The padlock on the post in the entry path had been broken. This was seen by a resident of Love Lane on the other side of St Dunstan’s Hill and reported to the Police but the response was delayed. Kevin Plicio was concerned about damage and closed the nursery and café for the weekend. The Council set up a camera high o a lamp post to record what was happening and the Police made periodic visits. The Council had previously posted notices of legal injunctions in all parks to speed up eviction in case of traveller incursion. As this was the first case in the borough the injunction had to be take to court, which was on Monday 17th September and the travellers departed on that day. It was seen that over the weekend the travellers brought in cars and cut them up but there was no major damage nor deposit of waste. MS had spoken to the Council officer setting up the camera. He dealt with traveller incursions and said that the particular group were better behaved than others so perhaps the right ones for the delay with the first injunction. MS had been concerned that any shards of metal left behind could have been dangerous if missed in the clear up. TW had observed that tyre marks were only on the path so the 2014 anti-traveller embankments seem to have been effective.

Work in the Park

  • A work session was arranged for Saturday 10th November. If you can help at another time over that weekend please inform TW to co-ordinate the jobs. Pruning back low hanging branches on the Cheam Road footway had finally been carried out by the Council’s contractor. Friends groups had been offered daffodil and crocus bulbs for planting and we had requested 200 daffodils and 100 crocus. MB had kindly offered to collect these when ready from the Council’s depot (Post meeting: – now collected by MB and awaiting planting out).
  • The bank balance stood at £439.57 so we had funds for some further planting. It was agreed to purchase 6 new roses from David Austin as these did well in the Quarry Park soil. The cost was around £90. Orange and pink roses were chosen from the catalogue Roald Dahl and Princess Anne.
  • MS had recently picked litter in the park, most of which came from crows pulling it out from the bins. She had requested provision of covered bins
  • Graffiti had been sprayed on the seat furthest from Cheam Road and on the 3 paving slabs in front. Unfortunately I D Verde had sprayed over the graffiti on the slabs and made it worse. AH suggested that it might be cheaper just to replace the slabs.

New bench.

A majority of the Friends preferred the new seat to be in the shade. Accordingly TW had submitted a plan showing the seat in the shade of the bean tree. (Post meeting note: The seat was installed in early October after TW met the contractor to agree the location).


It was noted that not all information was up to date. It was agreed to ask Jayson Webb if TW could post and remove items directly to simplify the process.

Sutton Local Committee

MB reported that the meeting on 6th September included some interesting items.

The public questions included matters reported (faulty street signs) but not rectified. There was a presentation by the Town Centre Manager on a regeneration project with emphasis on the northern end of the High St. A resident complained about the number of A boards. Times Square had been bought by Sports Direct. H&M were expected to open before Christmas. The Crown Agents building had been sold to developers and largely residential use is expected. The Sutton Green reconstruction of the toilet and café is being done by Happy Building Ltd. Gastrafino will operate the café and the Library café.

Planning managers from TfL and Sutton gave a presentation on Sutton Link, the proposed new tram service from Sutton. This was a joint project with LB Merton which would also benefit from the service. The scheme had been narrowed down to 3 route options (map from the presentation attached to these minutes). It is planned that the preferred option will be decided in January 2019 with public consultation on the developed preferred option in the summer of 2019. In reply to a question TfL advised that the extension of the Northern Line was not affordable.

There was a session on improving and enhancing the local committee format, with the feedback from residents and Friends representatives collected for consideration.

Police Matters

MS reported on a recent meeting of the Sutton West local police panel.

There had been an increase in burglaries in the ward, both from houses and theft from vehicles. There had been instances in the borough of theft by moped riders with either false or no number plates.

Local police were drawn away for President Trump visit and covering local venues showing football World Cup matches.

MS reported on deliberately broken glass in Quarry Park and asked the Police to do some checks on the park.

AD reported that in gardening in Quarry Park he had come across a broken cash till with sharp edges and blood on it. He reported it to the Police who gave him a reference number CAD2526. Wisely AD had been wearing gardening gloves.

Any Other Business

  • No feedback yet to MS on the suggested advertising in Quarry Park.
  • The drain clearance in Summerville Gardens had finally been carried out with much debris removed, fortunately observed by MB who showed the drain requiring attention.

Next meeting.

7:30pm, Thursday 17th January 2019

Friends of Quarry Park

Agenda for Meeting on Thursday 17 th January 2019 at 7:30pm at 171 Cheam Road.

1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes of Meeting on 17 th January 2019
3. Planning Event on 6 th July 2019
4. Work in the Park
5. Website
6. Sutton Local Committee
7. Police Matters
8. Your Space Seears Park
9. Any Other Business
10. Next meeting.