‘London Borough of Sutton Parks and Open Spaces Strategy 2019-2026 Draft for consultation V1 – 29.7.2019 Summary’

QPF make selected comments, mainly on items related or important to Quarry Park. It is a small park (not large enough to be listed by the Council).

Parks and open spaces objectives – work with Friends’ Groups. Certainly, such are we.

Tree objectives 4. Tree management is important. We cannot do that sort of work.

Policy P5 – surplus income from events goes to park maintenance – yes. 

Policy P7 – no charge to Friends’ Groups for free entry events, non-commercial – yes indeed.

Reference to idverde perhaps should be the Council’s parks contractor.

P20. Freedom from encampments and fly tipping. The problem of traveller encampments has been addressed by legal notices and an injunction for nearby Seears Park. Recently Quarry Park and other parks have been the location for people taking up residence in tents. Whilst we appreciate that homelessness is an issue that should be part of procedures, the recent behaviour of the campers has been felt threatening and unpleasant by other potential park users. Charcoal burners have been used under trees, excrement and toilet paper have been left, even in the main park area, and the campers have appeared to be drunk or on drugs. Quantities of bottles are left. Quarry Park is a small park, with No Dogs signs, so children of all ages and parents with buggies can enjoy it but this is prevented when the campers appear and understandably the normal park users stay away.

There need to be clear procedures backed by regulations and enforcement to stop anti-social behaviour by a few from preventing enjoyment of the parks by the public, a primary objective of the strategy. 

Tony Wallace, Hon Sec Friends of Quarry Park, 23 Sept 2019