Friends of Quarry Park

QPF minutes of meeting 19th May 2022

Summary of Meeting By: – Tony Wallace
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 19th May 2022 Erica Oulton (Chair)

Caroline Brewer

Mark Brewer

Kevin Burke

Allan Druce

Ian Gowans

Alan Hodgson

Erika Hodgson

Police Sgt Cook

Police Const Littlewood

Robin Oulton

Margaret Sheppard

Lesley Stears

Tony Wallace

Quarry Park Friends

Ward councillors

Parks liaison officer


1 Apologies for Absence
  Morten Elbo.


2 Sutton Parks Police Team
  EO welcomed PS Cook and PC Littlewood to the meeting. Nick Cook explained that they were part of the Sutton Parks Police team of 1 sergeant and 3 constables, funded by LB Sutton with responsibility for parks and open spaces in the borough. They were part of the Metropolitan Police so have full police powers. They were looking to make contact with parks Friends’ groups in the borough.

To contact them over issues in parks ring 020 8721 2268, which will take one through to the mobile of team members on duty. However, this service is generally daytime in regard to immediate response. The email address is under area SN ( ). The team were often able to deal with matters such as anti-social behaviour, cannabis smoking, dangerous dogs etc. from their knowledge of the laws and where there had been problems in parks and open spaces. The Friends welcomed the suggestion of receiving the Sutton SNT newsletter on a regular basis.

MS observed that there had not recently been people bringing dogs to hang on the lower branches of the central fir tree, presumed to be for fight training. TW noted that this has produced sharp ends at eye height of children, so AD and he had cut off the lower branches used. Quarry Park is clearly signed No Dogs. This and the open situation make the park good for families with small children. The tarmac path round the park is well used by young children’s scooters and bicycles, also walkers and joggers. Dog owners can use the nearby Seears Park.

On a question about Nonsuch Park the Sutton SNT cover Cheam Park but not the southern side outside Sutton borough, the responsibility of Surrey Police.

Sgt Cook send SNT newsletter.











3 Minutes of Meetings
  On 28th January 2022 (last main meeting) were agreed.

On 3rd February 2022 (special meeting concerning the Neighbourhood Fund Grant) were agreed.




4 Quarry Park Annual Tea Party, 2nd July 2022
  TW advised that he had submitted the Event Plan, the Neighbourhood Grant application and the Fee Grant application, all on 16th May. The Fee Grant is to cover the public liability insurance, needed for the Event.


TW showed the proposed leaflet to be delivered locally, similar to last year’s updated and as suggestions previously made. This was agreed. TW to place order and RO to make payment.

TW to take round to Friends for delivery 2/3 weeks before the event. This will be after the Jubilee celebrations so clearer for diaries hopefully. Agreed to post copies in shops also on noticeboards in Cheam Village and Whitehall.

MS had asked the 8th Cheam scouts and awaited a reply (cannot attend this year as camp that weekend).

MS would contact Vicky Bogie about a face painting table and TW to ask Claudia Rayner about a craft table.

MS said Dianne would help her serving the cakes.

Other items agreed as below: –















As noted


Item By
Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cakes MS
Urn & water carriers TW
Sandwiches EO
Cake EO, LS, KB, others
Soft drinks, water EH
Jellies CB
Fruit pieces MS
Food tables, cloths, clips, plastic gloves, serving forks TW
Gazebos AH, TW, MS (help to dismantle and move – KB & others)
Seating tables and chairs AH, CB, TW & all (many chairs needed)
Bunting (incl. railings) EO
Banners on railings MB
Cups for tea, coffee and squash, plates and bowls TW (mainly stock from last year)
Electricity supply to urn TW to contact Davies & offer cost (Maureen said OK, we to run cable)
Short football goals TW to bring
Croquet set Davies or TW
Donations note & bowl TW

MS proposed inviting Lily Bande to thank her for her help as a councillor and also thanked KB for his contribution. This was agreed. KB said he would be continuing to help as a Friend.





  A meeting was held in the park on 14th March with Dawn Fielding, the council officer who is co-ordinating the various parks friends’ groups and the Sutton Parks Festival around the Platinum Jubilee. TW has provided her with details of our annual tea party to be included in the online publicity by the Council.

DF had asked for an assessment of monthly volunteer hours. TW had obtained info for approximate estimates.

5 Neighbourhood Fund Grant
(a) Following our meeting on 3rd February the Neighbourhood Fund Grant Agreement was signed and received back countersigned by the Council on 7th February. The £5,000 funds were then received. A meeting was held in the park on 18th March. Notes of that meeting are attached below. First IDVerde will do the bush pruning in September. TW has sent photos of bushes, requested by IDVerde through the season, on 18th March and 7th May, with an associated plan of locations. Note
(b) A condition of the Neighbourhood Grant is that the Friends ‘keep in place adequate procedures for dealing with any conflicts of interest’. The following was proposed and agreed: –

Any payment by The Friends of Quarry Park shall be made and/or authorised by two Friends without a financial interest in the procurement or the recipient of the payment. If someone is uncertain in this regard they should contact one of the elected officers of the Friends, who may seek further advice if needed from a disinterested Friend.

6 Work in the Park
  Thanks were expressed to AD for his continuing work in the park to keep it in such good order.

It was agreed to have a gardening session from 10am on Saturday 25th June to tidy up in preparation for the Tea Party a week later.

AD suggested that it would be good to have a container or enclosure to keep tools and bags to avoid having to carry them there each time. Although there are places to keep this out of main view the potential problem was vandalism or theft. It was agreed that MB would contact Phil Quirke of IDVerde for suggestions on something suitable.

MB was requested also to request cutting the grass on the embankment around the wildflower area.

AD said that a paving stone had come loose where children have been sliding down one part of the embankment (this is one of the vertical retaining pieces at the path edge). This may need to be taken up as a separate rectification job.

TW showed the Jubilee commemorative plaque to go in front of the two standard roses planted for the occasion. Those available from Royal British Legion had wording for tree planting and were larger and more expensive.


















7 Sutton Local Committee
  The next meeting had been scheduled for 2nd June (but now 14th July at 7pm). IG asked what type of meeting it is. Noted that there are 6 Local Committees in the borough, covering matters and a budget for the local area. Friends and Residents groups have representation but only the local councillors vote on decisions. Generally, they are business like meetings. Note
8 Other Matters



The Parks officer has arranged an archive day for friends of parks members, to look at the history of parks. This is on 7th June, MS and TW will attend.

RO advised that Zurich had agreed to include the Revell Road Jubilee Street Party within our public liability insurance as it is close to Quarry Park.




9 Next meeting
7:00pm, Thursday 22nd September 2022.  


Friends of Quarry Park

Notes of meeting in Quarry Park, 10am, 18th March, 2022

Present: – Sarah Fowler, Erica Oulton (Chair), Robin Oulton (Treasurer), Phillip Quirke (IDVerde),

Tony Wallace (Secretary)

  1. IDV to carry out bush pruning and trimming in early September 2022. TW to take and send to all photos at different times to give a record of flowering and growth to inform how and where the pruning will be done. SF will forward the cost. LBS will instruct and bill QPF for payment from the grant money.
  2. PQ made aware of the 2 locations where Japanese Knotweed is being treated.
  3. SF would get a cost and try to get partial/total funding for replacement and repair of wooden fencing by 1 Quarry Park Rd.  SF will obtain a price for fence panel replacement and forward. RO would then discuss with lady next door to see if they will pay for the fence or part of it and will liaise with SF once he has done that.
  4. Tree pruning will be by a specialist, probably Beeches Tree Care. An initial meeting will be needed to plan the work after the pruning and clearance by IDV.
  5. Planting will follow the bush and tree pruning so it is clear how this would fit in the park. An initial meeting with LBS tree specialist to discuss is the next step.
  6. SF will send info on looking after the wildflower area. This will be passed to Mark Brewer who is looking after it and has previous advice from Dave Warburton.
  7. Repainting of the iron railings around the Park were discussed. Cleaning off the old paint would need to be done professionally as it may contain lead. SF will see if funding can be obtained and if the new painting could be done by people on community service.
  8. RO had observed the gradual increase in the dip with subsidence in the Cheam Road footway by the railings. In time this would undermine the railings. Initially Quarry Park Friends would take this up with TfL for at least future budget cost allowance.

Tony Wallace

27th March 2022

Friends of Quarry Park

QPF minutes of meeting 3rd February 2022

Minutes of Special Meeting in connection with the implementation of the tree pruning, tree and other planting funded by the Neighbourhood Fund Grant By: Tony Wallace
Location Via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 3rd February 2022 Erica Oulton (Chair) Alan Hodgson Quarry Park Friends
Cllr Lily Bande Erika Hodgson Ward Councillors
Caroline Brewer Robin Oulton Contract officer – Parks
Mark Brewer Margaret Sheppard
Cllr Kevin Burke Lesley Steers
Ian Gowans Tony Wallace
Sr. No Title Action
1 Welcome
Erica Oulton welcomed Friends new to our meetings, Lesley Steers and Ian Gowans.
2 Briefing Note
A briefing note of actions to2nd Feb ‘22 had been circulated to those advising attendance. It is attached at the end. Note
3 Matters for decision
TW proposed that these came under 2 headings: –
(a) the arrangements for the Neighbourhood Fund Grant and for instructing contractors. This was the urgent matter for decision in order to proceed with the tree and bush pruning.
(b) (b) the details of the proposed work especially the new trees and other planting so that the Friends can agree them. This would follow after discussion with the Parks Dept and finding out more about their proposals.
4 Arrangements for Grant and Contractors
TW suggested that there were 3 options for getting the work done: –

  1. The Grant is paid into the Friends’ bank account and the Friends instruct contractors
  2. The Grant is paid into the Friends’ bank account and the Friends pay the Parks Dept, who instruct contractors
  3. The Grant is paid to the Parks Dept who instruct contractors. Sarah Fowler, our Parks Dept liaison officer, has indicated by email that she expects the Grant to be paid to the Friends’ bank account.
(i) This imposes responsibilities on the Friends especially regulations under the Health & Safety at Work Act especially work with significant risk, the tree work in a public space not owned by the Friends. Doubtful that on our own we have the competence for this. Our insurers, Zurich Charities Insurance, have replied that our Public Liability Insurance covers our gardening work but could not advise on other insurance.
(ii) If the Parks Dept instruct contractors, they will have systems in place and specialist tree officers and be able to vet the necessary risk assessments.
(iii) If the Grant was paid to the Parks Dept this would avoid any liability by the Friends. This had been the arrangement for past grants for such works as relaying the path around the park, new water supply point, new seats.

If the Grant was paid to the Parks Dept this would avoid any liability by the Friends. This had been the arrangement for past grants for such works as relaying the path around the park, new water supply point, new seats.

RO agreed that we use the Parks Dept for the initial work of tree pruning etc but keep options open for subsequent work depending on how it goes and more information on the planting proposals etc. We would hold a meeting when we knew more.

KB said that the Parks Dept will have the management and H&S expertise for the tree pruning work.

MB agreed. They would already have processes in place, would vet contractors and have tendering information.

MS remembered from an inspection 2 or 3 years ago comments that the Park contained some very good tree specimens, but they did need trimming.

MS proposed that neighbours be notified before any work, some of which would be noisy, and this was agreed.

MS also commented how helpful Sarah Fowler has been, endorsed by EO.

IG enquired as to the status of the Friends, were we a charity to be able to save on VAT. TW replied that we were not a charity but came under Zurich Charities Insurance as a Not For Profit community group. MS advised that there were several Friends of Parks groups across the borough and recognised by the Council, with representation on the Council’s Local Committees. MB advised that the Council was able to reclaim VAT paid.

It was agreed to ask the Parks Dept to instruct a contractor for the tree pruning etc, as method (ii) above, and to progress this as soon as possible after meeting them to discuss and agree details.

It was agreed that the method for subsequent work and planting would be decided at a future meeting when more details were known.

5 Neighbourhood Fund Grant Agreement
Following the on-line meeting with the Neighbourhood Fund officer, Gavin Calthorpe, EO, RO and TW we had received the agreement with a Commencement Date of 12th Jan’22 (enabling us to put the cost of the 2 newly planted Jubilee celebration roses against the grant). TW noted that we were required to ‘keep in place adequate procedures for dealing with any conflicts of interest’. Although we operated with payments in a way to cover this, we did not have a formal procedure and will need to prepare one. TW
6 Next Actions
(a) TW, as Hon Secretary, to sign the Neighbourhood Fund Grant Agreement and send it to the Neighbourhood Fund officer, with copies of the signed page to EO and RO. TW
(b) EO to contact Sarah Fowler to arrange a meeting as soon as possible to agree and arrange the tree pruning work. EO

Briefing Note

Friends of Quarry Park – Neighbourhood Fund Grant, Action to Date 2nd Feb’22

  1. FQP meeting 26th May 2021, agreed need for professional pruning & trimming of trees and bushes and to apply for a grant.
  2. Friends met in the Park on 29th May’21 to agree outline detail of the work needed, TW sketch 31st May’21. Met parks liaison officer, Sarah Fowler, in the Park on 17th June’21.
  3. SF consulted Council tree and parks officers & forwarded their plan and budget for our submission. Grant application made by TW on 27th June’21 & accepted. Application included rationale relevant to the qualifying criteria. Additional details requested, provided 28th June’21.
  4. 12th July 2021, we were notified that our project was eligible, Stage 3, and included in the My Neighbourhood Fund consultation. July 2021 various Friends and others supported our bid on-line.
  5. 12th January 2022. LBS Planning Obligations notified that our bid for £5,000 had been approved. At FQP meeting on 20th Jan’22 agreed to meet the grant officers before meeting the parks team. Erica Oulton (Chair), Robin Oulton (Hon Treasurer) and Tony Wallace (Hon Secretary) met grant officers on-line 28th Jan’22. Various requirements advised and questions answered. The Neighbourhood Fund Agreement has been sent to us for signature.
  6. Email sent 29th Jan’22 to Zurich Charities Insurance who provide our public liability insurance needed for our annual tea party and also covering our normal gardening work in the Park. Asked about insurance cover that may be needed under 3 options for implementing the work.

Description of work included in our submission, further information.

Further to the Neighbourhood Fund submission by The Friends of Quarry Park on 25th June 2021 here are further details.

  1. The costing has been advised by LBS Park Dept in response to meeting them at the park with our proposals.
    I visited Quarry park this morning with Mark Dalzell and Ben Morris, Tree Manager. They had some good ideas and suggested that, in addition to tidying up and lifting and thinning we could plant some new trees and new plants. Mark suggested that we could make an event of the tidy up and planting and come along and help.
    Due to the cost of the trees and the plants and in addition the maintenance, we are suggesting that you put in a bid for £5,000.
    Trees * 4 @£600 per tree = £2,400
    Plants (various) ordered and planted over a 2 year programme = £1,700
    Tree maintenance and shrub tidy up = £900Tree maintenance and shrub tidy up = £900
  2. Our bank account is at HSBC, Sutton – Friends of Quarry Park 40-43-26, 72061279.
  3. Please find attached: –
    1. our risk assessment for our work in the park, requested by our insurance company
    2. our certificate of insurance
    3. photos of the park at different times including the 2019 tea party
    4. our indicative plan of the tree and bush work needed

Could you kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.

Kind regards,

Tony Wallace, Hon. Secretary, Friends of Quarry Park

QPF minutes of meeting 20th January 2022

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location Via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 20th January 2022 Erica Oulton (Chair) Cllr Kevin Burke Quarry Park Friends
Cllr Lily Bande Margaret Sheppard Ward Councillors
Caroline Brewer Robin Oulton Parks liaison officer
Sr. No Title Action
1 Apologies for Absence
Alan & Erika Hodgson. Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 28th July 2021, rev A, were approved
Were agreed. Note
3 Annual General Meeting
(a) Financial Report

RO, Hon Treasurer, gave details of income and expenditure, as now set out: –

Friends of Quarry Park Accounts January 2021 to January 2022
Item Date £ IN £ OUT Balance
Open balance January £389.70
Proceedsof party 18/08/2021 £225.09 £614.79
Zurich Insurance 19/08/2021 £99.31 £515.48
Party Expenses (Tony Wallace) 01/09/2021 £90.00
Party Expenses (Tony Wallace) 07/09/2021 £20.10 £405.29
Sutton Grant 14/12/2021 £175.00 £580.29
Bank charges 05/01/2022 £5.00 £575.29

RO noted the increased donations at the tea party in August.

(b) Election of Chair

TW proposed Erica Oulton to continue as Chair and thanked her for her leadership during the year, seconded by MB and agreed by all.

(c) Election of Secretary

RO proposed Tony Wallace to continue as Secretary, seconded by MS and agreed by all.

(d) Election of Treasurer

MS proposed Robin Oulton to continue as Treasurer, seconded by MB and agreed by all.

(e) Representatives on Sutton Local Committee& Friends of Parks

EO with MS and MB as deputies, as before was agreed.

4 Review of Tea Party on 14th August, 2021
Agreed that it had been very successful with over 100 people attending. The atmosphere was very pleasant, the weather was good and donations were higher than at previous tea parties, at £225. The Police attended to meet people. Some visitors brought food to share such as cake and Indian food. Note
5 Planning Tea Party for 2022
A provisional date of Saturday 9th July was chosen. It would be before the main holiday period when more people might be away and a similar date to tea parties before Covid. Early June would be a busy time with many events to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. EO mentioned a Revell Road street party on 6th June.

We chose August last year as Covid restrictions were easing later in the summer.

6 Neighbourhood Fund Grant
TW advised that he had been notified on 12th January that our bid of £5,000 for tree pruning and various planting had been successful. This was excellent news.

TW proposed that we needed to meet with the Parks team and the Neighbourhood Grants team, who had proposed an on-line meeting. RO proposed that we meet the Grants team first and this was agreed.

7 Work in the Park
MS said that Allan Druce had continued to do much work in the park, weeding and tidying to make the park a pleasant place to visit. Perhaps we should give a token of appreciation, as we did last year, for all his work. MB would speak to Allan on what he might like. MB
MB said he would tidy up the wildflower area in line with the guidance that we had been given. MB
TW suggested that we plant something now for the Jubilee celebrations in the summer, proposing 2 standard roses (taller than the bush roses in the park) in the bed in the middle of the side furthest from Cheam Road. Hopefully some flowering would happen by the time of the Tea Party. A limited number of bare root roses were currently available at around £45 each. This was agreed at a budget of around £100 and RO would place the order. (Post Meeting – David Austin Harlow Carr pink flower roses available, planted 29th Jan). RO, TW
8 Sutton Local Committee
The next meeting was scheduled for 10th February on-line. MS suggested that it would be good if EO could give a 2 to 3 minute report on last year’s tea party as she had done before. EO said she had not yet been notified of the meeting agenda or contact officer. LB offered to enquire. EO, LB
9 PoliceMatters
There was a Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting the following week. KB mentioned a nasty incident in Norman Rd recently when a lady was seriously injured, thought o be by catalytic converter thieves. MB mentioned reports of catalytic converter thefts with pictures from doorbells with cameras. Police give a crime number but not much seen to be done. MS thought that the Police appear not to be responding. KB thought follow up was needed, as was done with outbreaks of burglaries when he was in the police.KB said any suspicious activity should be reported to the police.
MS raised the issue of a camper van parked overnight in Summerville Gardens near her. The windows were blacked out, but it appeared that someone was inside with wastewater discharged into the street. Many neighbours were concerned. MS reluctant to take details because could not see who might be watching from inside. KB said he would take it up with the Council and the SNT. He would come by and take details. KB
10 Other matters
MS said that there was a couple with their dog in the Park the day before. If it recurred and she felt comfortable she would speak to them.
7 Next meeting
7:30pm, Thursday12thMay 2022, with provision for a meeting at 7pm on Thursday 3rd March if necessary in connection with the work funded by the Neighbourhood Fund Grant. All

Friends of Quarry Park

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location On-line via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 26th May 2021 Erica Oulton (Chair) Robin Oulton Quarry Park Friends
Cllr Kevin Burke Tony Wallace Ward Councillors
Caroline Brewer
Mark Brewer
Sr. No Title Action
1 Apologies for Absence
Margaret & Dennis Sheppard, Erika & Alan Hodgson, Allan Druce. Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 25th March 2021
Were agreed. Note
3 Financial Information
(a) Funds Held
RO advised that the account was unchanged at £389.70. Note
(b) On-line Account
After submitting new forms to HSBC, RO was now the primary account holder. To achieve this it was necessary for RO to speak to a contact in HSBC, who agreed that their system did not work but finally resolved matters. Following that RO was able to set up TW as a secondary user. Note
4 Planning Next Tea Party
It was agreed to hold the Tea Party in late July early August. It was hoped that further easing of restrictions will have occurred but nevertheless it is an outdoor event and these were now taking place. This timescale would also allow time to obtain the necessary event permission from the Council, print and deliver locally the invitation leaflets and other preparations.
After discussion following the meeting with Friends not present, a date of Saturday 14th August was settled. It would be the usual timing, 2-4pm, with setting up from 12 noon. All
TW to make the event submission to the Council and prepare drafts for the invitation leaflets. TW
The arrangements in detail for the Tea Party would be discussed at the next meeting on 24th June. Friends are asked to provide garden tables and chairs as previously. This will help with social distancing as well a comfortable place to take tea. All
5 Work in the Park
Flowers in the park and the wildflower area were giving a good show. The recent wet weather had been beneficial for this. All
RO said that there was a need for professional pruning and trimming of trees and bushes especially on the north side and we could apply for a grant for this work to be done. It was agreed to meet in the park on 29th May at 2:30pm to agree a description of the work required. Following that EO would arrange a meeting with Sarah Fowler, our contact officer at the Council, to agree how this could be implemented. EO
TW had purchased two clematis as agreed at the previous meeting. The locations for these, along railings, would be agreed at the meeting in the park in 29th May.
MB had sown more wildflower seeds in the part of the bed where none were growing.
Japanese knotweed had been seen on the pavement in Quarry Park Road and EO had reported this to Sarah Fowler. Note
6 Sutton Local Committee
EO would attend the next meeting on 27th May. EO
7 Police Matters
KB advised that at the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting he had asked that targeting graffiti be one of the priorities. Graffiti spoils the enjoyment of the park for many people and increases the fear of crime disproportionately. Note
KB also advised that he had met with Mark Norrell, Assistant Director of Assets for the LBS to discuss Quarry Cottage (by Seears Park) on the way forward for that building. Some extra security measures are to be put in place to secure the building and prevent further damage. Officers will also look at the covenant to try and find options to bring it back into use. Note
8 Next meeting
7:30pm, Thursday 24th June 2021. All

Friends of Quarry Park

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location On-line via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 25th March 2021 Erica Oulton (Chair) Margaret Sheppard Quarry Park Friends
Cllr Kevin Burke Robin Oulton Ward Councillors
Caroline Brewer Tony Wallace
Mark Brewer
Sr. No Title Action
1 Apologies for Absence
Cllr Lily Bande, Erica & Alan Hodgson, Dennis Sheppard. EO thanked KB for attending. Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 14th January 2021
Were agreed. TW was thanked for preparing these and organising the meetings. Note
3 Financial Information
(a) Funds Held
RO proposed that he formally take over as Hon Treasurer on 1st April and this was agreed. He reported that the balance 12 months ago the balance was £440.01 and was now £389.70. There had been payment of £50, an agreed gift, £99.31 for insurance, offset by £99 grant from the Council. TW had passed on the HSBC cheque book and paying in book. Note
(b) On-line Bank Account
The process of adding RO as an on-line account user had been very difficult and time consuming but finally achieved. It seemed as if HSBC expected everything to be done by their complex systems, not as customer friendly as they should be, and their own staff unable to make things work. Similar problems with other banks were stated. RO planned to next make himself the primary user instead of TW. For the relatively few payments in a year these would continue pro tem by cheque with two signatures from the four on the mandate, RO, MB, MS and TW. RO, TW
4 Planning Next Tea Party
Whilst it was hopeful that we may be able to hold a tea party later in the summer or early autumn, this depended on the continuing lifting of restrictions. This is a stepwise process depending on the outcomes of the various measures to control the Covid pandemic. It was proposed to hold another meeting in May when hopefully the picture would be clearer. The meeting date chosen was Wednesday 26th May. KB had forwarded information to TW on Council resumption of event planning. All
5 Work in the Park
It was noted how good the park was looking and thanks to Allan Druce on his continuing work weeding, pruning and tidying. There had been an excellent show of daffodils and crocus and the cold weather had helped to prolong the flowering. The additional bulbs planted had extended the display. The tree blossoms were giving a superb display, as they were in Seears Park and Perrett’s Field too. TW had taken photos and would send some to Paul Brockwell for the Sutton Local Committee. MS advised that EO be prepared to say a few words if the photos were shown. TW
EO was requested to ask Sarah Fowler about the timescale on working near the Japanese Knotweed treatment, which seemed to have been effective at the area by the Cheam Road railings. (post meeting note: – reply from Sarah Fowler – ‘The Japanese knotweed has a long-term treatment plan that lasts over 4 years and should be stem injected or sprayed twice each year. This started last year when it was identified by a resident so will continue for the years ahead until it has fully died off. We may need to put new signs up when the weather properly brightens up.‘) Large cloth bags had been very useful for larger items to remove such as the pieces of a small tree that had fallen through from 1 Quarry Park Road, but these had not been returned to MS or MB as previously requested. EO to request Sarah Fowler on this. MB had been able to provide a few bags from building work at their house but that was limited. EO
MS noted how much the park was used and appreciated by families with small children, people exercising or sitting enjoying the park. With more people there seemed to be less litter dropped. Note
MS said that she would weed the wildflower area as necessary for the flowers to grow well. MS
On future planting EO suggested evergreen clematis as on the fence by the Perrett’s Field path out to Frederick Road. TW to check out. TW
6 Sutton Local Committee
Notification of our representative had been completed. EO would attend the next
meeting on 27th May.
7 Police Matters
EO had attended an on-line meeting but the Police had not attended. KB said this had been a problem across the borough. The ward panel Chair, Jonathan Pritchard would set dates for the rest of the year. Note
8 GoParks London
Quarry Park is on the GoParks London map with excellent input and photos, thanks to MB. With regard to the suggested borough parks promotions campaign this is rather a one size fits all parks and boroughs. We are a very small park compared with many although with a special character. In this borough, like other Friends Groups, we have representation on our Local Committee, we attend occasional meetings of all borough Friends Groups and we are consulted on the matters listed by GoParks London. This is not the case in many boroughs but here it is clearer to residents if we work within the arrangements already in place, well co-ordinated with the borough Council. There is also the factor that with limited resources of people and time we take on what we can manage and try to do it well. Our particular promotion comes through the Tea Party, for which the Council covers our costs, including the printing of the leaflet which we distribute. If a definite benefit is seen in future we could re-consider. This was agreed. MB
9 Other Matters
(a) Covid wardens had been seen visiting the Park. MB looked up an article in the Sutton Guardian that the Government had allocated £86,000 for Covid wardens in the borough. It appeared that generally people followed the rules in Quarry Park but the wardens would be needed at times in Cheam Park and elsewhere. Note
(b) Quarry Park is No Dogs with a clear sign on the gate. There is plenty of space to walk dogs in nearby Seears Park and Perrett’s Field. Absence of dog mess is important for use of the Park by young children. MS observed a dog in the park but then taken away by its owner. MS advised that there was an on-line group for dog owners and dog theft was a concern. KB advised that there had been a rise in reported dog theft. Note
(c) In February there had been a spoiling of Seears Park with graffiti. Although cleaned up fairly quickly by the Council MS had emailed the Chief Executive about the need to find a solution for the derelict and vandalised former park keeper’s cottage. She had received a nice reply from the Council Leader. KB noted that the covenant had made it a difficult matter to resolve. KB advised that at a meeting in 2019 with a Council officer and the SNT, the Police had reported arrests for drug supply and subsequent quietening down after that. If anything untoward was observed by the public they should report it straightaway to the Police (on 999), not afterwards. Note
10 Next meeting
7:00pm, Wednesday 26th May 2021, probably via Zoom but venue/method to be decided nearer the time. All

Friends of Quarry Park

Minutes of Meeting By: Tony Wallace
Location On-line via Zoom
Time 19:00 In attendance Distribution
Date 14th January 2021 Margaret Sheppard Erika Hodgson Quarry Park Friends
Caroline Brewer Erica Oulton Ward Councillors
Mark Brewer Robin Oulton
Alan Hodgson Tony Wallace
Sr. No Title Action
1 Apologies for Absence
None Note
2 Minutes of Meeting on 16th January 2020
Were agreed. Note
3 Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers
(a) Chair
MS had previously advised that she did not wish to continue as Chair after eleven years in the role although she planned to continue active involvement with the Friends.

Erica Oulton was willing to take on the role of Chair. She was proposed by TW and seconded by MS. This was agreed by all. MS proposed to introduce EO personally to the councillor officers with whom she had contact and to the Sutton Local Committee, attended also by other Friends groups, when possible after the lifting of the current Coronavirus restrictions. They would meet Sarah Fowler, the Friends
contact officer for matters concerning Quarry Park and action from the parks contractor IDVerde.

It was agreed that both MS and MB would be deputies for attendance at the Sutton Local Committee. As Secretary, TW to email Paul Brockwell, our contact officer for Sutton Local Committee with details of our new Chair and deputies and minutes of this meeting.

Thanks were expressed to MS for all her work and leadership since the formation of the Friends’ group. The Friends were also pleased that her active involvement would continue.

(b) Secretary
Although happy for someone else to take over TW was willing to continue and was proposed by MS, seconded by CB, agreed by all.
(c) Treasurer
Robin Oulton was proposed by MS, seconded by MB and agreed by all.

TW advised that the change in signatories to the HSBC bank account had taken place and they now were RO, MB, MS and TW. After using the forms advised by our HSBC contact the first two applications were rejected. TW was then advised that a new mandate was required because the existing was more than six years old. So a new mandate application was made with the new signatories, finally successful.

TW would notify the change in treasurer to HSBC and apply for RO to have on-line access to the account. This was read only with payments out only by cheque with two signatures.

(d) Funds held
The bank balance was £389.70.

Since the AGM in 2019 expenditure on new plants at £494 had been more than the £362 grant from the Council. This was offset by donations of £130 at the 2019 tea party for which a note described they would be for new planting and improvements to the park. The 2020 public liability insurance premium, for continuing work in the park, was covered by a grant of £99 from the Council. The 2019 insurance and cost for the 2019 tea party were also covered by a Council grant.

4 Planning Next Tea Party
It was agreed that the next Tea Party Event could not take place whilst Covid restrictions included such things as (un)social distancing. The timescale for the relaxation of restrictions was currently very uncertain. Although keen to hold our usual tea party again, it was considered that setting a date and then having to postpone or cancel would be very discouraging. Therefore it was decided to defer setting a date pro tem and that the next Friends meeting would be in March when timing might be more possible, date set 25th March, 7pm.

It was observed that the park was well used during lockdown and people were reading the noticeboard. A new notice describing the intentions for 2021 should be put in the park and on the website.

All, TW
5 Work in the Park
The spray treatment by the Council’s contractor on the Japanese Knotweed near the railings on Cheam Road appeared to have been effective. Only 2 other plants nearby had been killed and especially the new clematis there had grown well on the railings with a good display. The Knotweed on Quarry Park Road needed further treatment, which appears to be working although more might be needed.

In the autumn MB had collected bulbs from the depot and these were planted by MB, EO and TW.

AD has been working in the park including sweeping leaves. MB had collected more disposal bags and AD has a supply now. MB also collected a large bag which will be useful for some jobs with larger pieces.

With advice from a Council officer, Dave Warburton, MB had cut back the wild flowers, and the result looked very good. MB thought that some extra seeding would be good. TW said he had available one spare packet from the original seeding. The waste bin lids had been supplied and then fitted by Sarah Fowler, MS and MB.

TW had been emailed by a park visitor (contact detail on the noticeboard) concerning damage to the lower branches of the fir tree. TW sawed off the damaged branches to avoid sharp ends and cut the branches to fit the collection truck. These were collected by IDVerde although first children had made a wigwam. Sarah Fowler said that in other parks some people had been cutting greenery for Christmas.

MS had emailed Sarah Fowler about the poor standard of cutting back branches protruding through the railings. A second visit improved it but some pruning inside the park is needed for this. TW had cut back the sharp ends, especially at child height.

Future jobs will include a spring prune of the roses to cut back some longer branches and dead heading the daffodils after flowering.

MS said that a nearby resident had been regularly clearing the litter along the Cheam Road railings; Dennis had said thank you.

It was observed that the red colour of the cotoneaster had given a good display recently (some planted 5 years ago, some later). TW suggested some further planting, including by the railings around the Quarry Park Rd corner, possibly another forsythia and clematis. EO suggested an evergreen winter flowering clematis. If the spring is not too dry and bedding plants more available this year TW may add some to the north side central flower bed where geraniums survived last winter.

6 Sutton Local Committee
MB had attended an on-line meeting on 12th November. Much of the reporting was concerning measures associated with Covid-19. Note
7 Police Matters
MS advised that there had been no recent meetings. She will contact the Chair Jonathan Pritchard. EO may wish to consider attending or MS or MB. EO
8 Other Matters
(a) MB advised that he had received an email from GoParks London about a new campaign. He will circulate for consideration. Quarry Park can be seen on their parks map. MB, All
(b) MS reported that she and Dennis had found a young lady prone on the ground and very wet and blue in the cold before Christmas. She had been drinking. MS managed to revive her to be subsequently collected by a police car that had been called. The meeting thought this probably saved the lady’s life. Note
9 Next meeting
7:00pm, Thursday 25th March 2021, probably via Zoom but venue/method to be decided nearer the time. All

Meetings : QPF minutes of meeting 17 May 2018

Meetings : Summary of Minutes of Meeting on 27th September 2018

Minutes of Meeting on 17th May 2018

Were agreed.

Review of Event on 30th June 2018

It was agreed that the day was most successful and enjoyed by those attending. Compliments and thanks had been received from those attending. The day was hot and sunny but the large fir tree provided some good shade. Attendance was estimated at just over 100. The face painting was very popular. The Police had not been able to attend and had sent apologies to MS. Thanks were expressed to the Oultons for the use of their china and the excellent sandwiches and to the Davies family for all their help and support.

Donations amounted to £152.98, the highest to date. The requested Neighbourhood Grant of £205 covered the park fee and most of the costs. Three waterproof banners for the railings on the final week before the tea party had been purchased at £30 each. One had been set against this year’s costs and the remaining £60 will be requested against next year’s event. The grant had been received after bill payment so a group needed around £250 in the bank to cover the interim for our level of costs.

Planning 2019 Event

It was agreed to plan for a similar tea party with games in 2019. The timings would be similar, i.e. a summer Saturday from 2 to 4pm. By choosing a slightly later date the required public liability insurance which is offered for one year (up to 5 events) can again cover two years with a slightly earlier date in year two. The provisional date chosen was Saturday 6th July 2019.

Travellers in Seears Park

Around 13 caravans and including 30 children arrived on the evening of Friday 14th September. The padlock on the post in the entry path had been broken. This was seen by a resident of Love Lane on the other side of St Dunstan’s Hill and reported to the Police but the response was delayed. Kevin Plicio was concerned about damage and closed the nursery and café for the weekend. The Council set up a camera high o a lamp post to record what was happening and the Police made periodic visits. The Council had previously posted notices of legal injunctions in all parks to speed up eviction in case of traveller incursion. As this was the first case in the borough the injunction had to be take to court, which was on Monday 17th September and the travellers departed on that day. It was seen that over the weekend the travellers brought in cars and cut them up but there was no major damage nor deposit of waste. MS had spoken to the Council officer setting up the camera. He dealt with traveller incursions and said that the particular group were better behaved than others so perhaps the right ones for the delay with the first injunction. MS had been concerned that any shards of metal left behind could have been dangerous if missed in the clear up. TW had observed that tyre marks were only on the path so the 2014 anti-traveller embankments seem to have been effective.

Work in the Park

  • A work session was arranged for Saturday 10th November. If you can help at another time over that weekend please inform TW to co-ordinate the jobs. Pruning back low hanging branches on the Cheam Road footway had finally been carried out by the Council’s contractor. Friends groups had been offered daffodil and crocus bulbs for planting and we had requested 200 daffodils and 100 crocus. MB had kindly offered to collect these when ready from the Council’s depot (Post meeting: – now collected by MB and awaiting planting out).
  • The bank balance stood at £439.57 so we had funds for some further planting. It was agreed to purchase 6 new roses from David Austin as these did well in the Quarry Park soil. The cost was around £90. Orange and pink roses were chosen from the catalogue Roald Dahl and Princess Anne.
  • MS had recently picked litter in the park, most of which came from crows pulling it out from the bins. She had requested provision of covered bins
  • Graffiti had been sprayed on the seat furthest from Cheam Road and on the 3 paving slabs in front. Unfortunately I D Verde had sprayed over the graffiti on the slabs and made it worse. AH suggested that it might be cheaper just to replace the slabs.

New bench.

A majority of the Friends preferred the new seat to be in the shade. Accordingly TW had submitted a plan showing the seat in the shade of the bean tree. (Post meeting note: The seat was installed in early October after TW met the contractor to agree the location).


It was noted that not all information was up to date. It was agreed to ask Jayson Webb if TW could post and remove items directly to simplify the process.

Sutton Local Committee

MB reported that the meeting on 6th September included some interesting items.

The public questions included matters reported (faulty street signs) but not rectified. There was a presentation by the Town Centre Manager on a regeneration project with emphasis on the northern end of the High St. A resident complained about the number of A boards. Times Square had been bought by Sports Direct. H&M were expected to open before Christmas. The Crown Agents building had been sold to developers and largely residential use is expected. The Sutton Green reconstruction of the toilet and café is being done by Happy Building Ltd. Gastrafino will operate the café and the Library café.

Planning managers from TfL and Sutton gave a presentation on Sutton Link, the proposed new tram service from Sutton. This was a joint project with LB Merton which would also benefit from the service. The scheme had been narrowed down to 3 route options (map from the presentation attached to these minutes). It is planned that the preferred option will be decided in January 2019 with public consultation on the developed preferred option in the summer of 2019. In reply to a question TfL advised that the extension of the Northern Line was not affordable.

There was a session on improving and enhancing the local committee format, with the feedback from residents and Friends representatives collected for consideration.

Police Matters

MS reported on a recent meeting of the Sutton West local police panel.

There had been an increase in burglaries in the ward, both from houses and theft from vehicles. There had been instances in the borough of theft by moped riders with either false or no number plates.

Local police were drawn away for President Trump visit and covering local venues showing football World Cup matches.

MS reported on deliberately broken glass in Quarry Park and asked the Police to do some checks on the park.

AD reported that in gardening in Quarry Park he had come across a broken cash till with sharp edges and blood on it. He reported it to the Police who gave him a reference number CAD2526. Wisely AD had been wearing gardening gloves.

Any Other Business

  • No feedback yet to MS on the suggested advertising in Quarry Park.
  • The drain clearance in Summerville Gardens had finally been carried out with much debris removed, fortunately observed by MB who showed the drain requiring attention.

Next meeting.

7:30pm, Thursday 17th January 2019